As Dr Seuss once put it “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.” It beckons a few thoughts, stirring young minds all over the world to ponder the ramifications of the things trees would say about living side by side with mankind throughout our existence. If whales had representation in government, what would the North Atlantic Right Whale say about their experiences with us…

As I wrote about this the very first time, it was clear that there are and will hopefully be more organisations across the globe creating awareness of current environmental conditions, either with specific dedication to a cause or broader associations with negative impacts of urbanisation/ industrialisation as a whole. As much as we do support such initiatives, the Africend Earth Campaign seeks a shift in consciousness towards the relationship humans have with this planet and the life that naturally flourishes within the atmosphere.

The task is simple and far reaching. The Africend Earth Campaign is a platform to share information relating to the conservation of the environment and life. We want to inspire children to contribute to a healthier more sustainable earth and pursue careers in clean energy and agriculture. We want to inspire people to close the tap a little faster than before, to help a little one choose to bring home a bird with an injured wing should the situation arise, to encourage Whalers to diversify into sustainable fish farming.

We encourage all likeminded people to join/ follow us and spread our message. Let us give a voice to the living parts of our world that do not have one.