FPL Game Week 7 Artificial Intelligence Predictions

Game Week 7: The First Double Game Week of the Season

As the Premier League action heats up, we find ourselves in the midst of our first double game week, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement to your FPL journey. But that’s not all; the footballing world is in a frenzy with European competitions in full swing, promising a jam-packed schedule and some potential rotation risks for our beloved fantasy assets.

The spotlight in this double-header falls on two unlikely contenders: Luton and Burnley, neither of whom has set the league on fire this season. Yet, as any seasoned FPL manager knows, it’s precisely these moments when the unexpected can happen. Will they rise to the occasion and surprise us all? Or will the giants continue their dominance?

Lets take a look at AI predictions for Fantasy Premier League Game week 7 with @FPL_mole.

Nick Pope, Yes it’s him again against Burnley

Nick Pope continues to be a rock at the back for Newcastle in FPL Game week 6! With an impressive total of 21 points this season and a stellar performance in GW6, he’s undoubtedly catching the eye of fantasy managers.

Pope’s recent game against Sheffield United saw him earn a clean sheet and 6 points, showcasing his shot-stopping skills. With back-to-back favourable fixtures on the horizon, including GW7 against Burnley, he could be your go-to goalkeeper to bolster your FPL squad.

Trippier’s Triumph Continues!

Yes, we’re talking about him again along with his Goal Keeper, and with good reason! Kieran Trippier of Newcastle has been an absolute revelation this season. If you haven’t added him to your FPL roster yet, you might want to pay close attention.

Trippier’s stellar performance in Game week 6 speaks volumes. With a whopping 18 points, he’s not only topped the charts for defenders but also holds the highest ICT Index among his peers. His consistency is striking, and his potential for both clean sheets and attacking returns is undeniable.

But here’s what truly sets him apart: a staggering 40% of FPL managers have already recognized his prowess and added him to their squads. If you’re among the remaining 60%, this might just be the week to make that strategic move. Newcastle’s upcoming fixtures look promising, and Trippier’s contributions could prove pivotal to your FPL success.

Kabore: Luton’s Defence for Double Game Week 7

For Double Game Week 7, one name is starting to catch the attention of savvy FPL managers: Issa Kabore of Luton. Priced at just £4.0m, he’s not only a budget-friendly gem but also a player on the rise.

Kabore recently delivered his first points of the season, and he did it in style with 5 points in Double Game week 7, where Luton faces Everton and Burnley. His performance against Wolves in Game week 6 showcased his defensive capabilities, earning him a well-deserved 5 points.

With a total of 10 points, half of them from his last appearance, and an impressive ICT Index of 13.4, Kabore is proving to be a reliable budget defender with great potential. Plus, at a TSB% of just 6.9%, he’s still flying under the radar for many FPL managers.

Bowen: Hammering His Way to Fantasy Glory!

Jarrod Bowen of West Ham is quickly becoming a midfield maestro in the world of FPL! Priced at just £7.2m, this talented midfielder is delivering points and consistency, making him a hot commodity for Fantasy managers. Bowen’s recent performance in Game week 6 against Liverpool showcased his potential as he notched 7 points. Even in a losing effort, he managed to bag a goal and showed his attacking prowess.

With a total of 39 points this season and an impressive ICT Index of 50.8, Bowen is proving his worth in the FPL midfield. His versatility in both goal-scoring and playmaking is invaluable for West Ham, and it translates well into Fantasy Premier League.

As we look ahead to Game week 7, where West Ham faces Sheffield United, Bowen is undoubtedly a midfielder to consider for your FPL squad. With a TSB% of just 13.5%, he might be your ticket to differential success.

Carlton Morris: The Double Gameweek Dynamo!

Carlton Morris of Luton is emerging as a hidden gem in Fantasy Premier League! Priced at just £5.6m, this forward is delivering returns at the right time and could be the key to your FPL success.

In Game week 6, Morris showcased his potential as he notched an impressive 9 points, courtesy of his goal-scoring exploits against Wolves. With a total of 26 points this season, Morris is proving himself as a budget-friendly forward with the potential for big returns.

With an ICT Index of 29.0 and a TSB% of only 8.0%, Morris remains an under-the-radar pick for many FPL managers. His ability to find the back of the net and create opportunities makes him a valuable asset, especially in a Double Game week.

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