FPL Game Week 8 Artificial Intelligence Powered Predictions

Game Week 8: Mounting injuries add to FPL woes

FPL managers, we’re diving headfirst into the heart of the Premier League season, and it’s been quite the rollercoaster ride so far. As we approach Game week 8, many of us are grappling with mounting injury issues and tough decisions.⚽

The headline fixture of this week is undeniably the clash between Manchester City and Arsenal, where both teams have a lot at stake. But for FPL managers, it’s not just about cheering for your favourite team; it’s about making the shrewdest picks to maximize your fantasy points. 🤔

The path ahead might be stormy, but we’re here to guide you through it with expert AI insights with @FPL_mole.

Bernd Leno: The Budget-Friendly FPL Goalkeeper Sensation

Bernd Leno, Fulham’s reliable shot-stopper, comes at an affordable £4.7 million in FPL. His impressive performance stats include a stellar 5.1 Pts/Match average. In Game week 7, he earned a vital point against Chelsea, showcasing his shot-stopping prowess. With 36 total points and 8 bonus points so far, Leno is a standout choice. As Fulham faces Sheffield United in Game week 8, Leno’s consistent saves could be a game-changer for your FPL squad.

Kieran Trippier: Hard to Overlook in FPL

We’ve talked about him before, but it’s impossible to overlook Kieran Trippier. At £6.8 million, he’s not just a player; he’s an investment in your FPL success. And here’s why you should seriously consider him:

🚀 Form of a Titan: With an incredible form of 12.7 Pts/Match, Trippier is on fire. His total points so far this season, a whopping 43, underline his importance as a prime FPL asset.

👑 Bonus Point Magnet: Trippier doesn’t just earn points; he racks up bonus points too. With 8 total bonus points, he’s been consistently delivering standout performances that don’t go unnoticed.

📊 ICT Index Leader: Leading the ICT Index with a score of 56.4 among defenders, Trippier showcases his prowess in both attack and defence. This makes him a valuable asset for any FPL team.

🏟️ Game week 7 Brilliance: In the recent Game week 7 against Burnley, he not only helped secure a clean sheet but also delivered an assist, earning him a fantastic 12 points.

🧱 Rock-Solid Defence: Trippier’s presence in Newcastle’s defence has been transformative, with 3 clean sheets to his name already. His ability to intercept and create turnovers has been instrumental in this.

👀 Upcoming Fixtures: With relatively favourable fixtures against West Ham (Game week 8), Crystal Palace (Game week 9), and Wolves (Game week 10), he’s not only a short-term solution but a long-term gem.

📈 Prime of His Career: At 31, Trippier is in the prime of his career, and his performances reflect that. He’s a player you can rely on, provided he stays fit.

Joachim Andersen: Points potential at both ends in Crystal Palace’s Ranks

Joachim Andersen, priced at just £4.8 million, has been a defensive rock for Crystal Palace. With a remarkable 6.4 Pts/Match average and an impressive 45 total points, he’s proven to be an FPL gem. It’s not just his defensive prowess that stands out. Andersen also contributes to attacking plays, with 1.2 xGI (Expected Goal Involvement). This suggests he’s a threat during set-pieces and could potentially get on the score sheet or provide assists.

In Game week 7, he earned a whopping 15 points against Manchester United, solidifying his value in the FPL universe. As Crystal Palace gears up to face Nottingham Forest in Game week 8, Andersen’s ability to secure clean sheets and contribute in attack could make him a valuable asset for your FPL squad. Don’t overlook his potential!

Son Heung-min: Midfield Benefits, Striker Position

Son Heung-min is a gem that shines brighter with every game. Valued at £9.4 million, this midfield marvel is not your typical midfielder; he’s effectively playing as a striker, and here’s why he’s a must-have:

🔥 Formidable Form: With a stunning form of 7.7 Pts/Match, Son is delivering points consistently. He has already amassed 51 points this season, proving his worth.

Versatile Scorer: Son is not just scoring goals; he’s bagging assists too. His 6 goals and 2 assists this season underline his ability to contribute significantly in attack.

📈 ICT Index Leader: Leading the ICT Index among midfielders with a remarkable score of 64.3, Son showcases his prowess in both creating and scoring goals.

🥇 Consistent Bonus Points: Son has earned 5 bonus points already this season, a testament to his consistent high-level performances that don’t go unnoticed.

🌟 Recent Performances: In Game week 7 against Liverpool, Son continued his impressive run with a goal and 7 points, further solidifying his status as a top FPL asset.

👀 Upcoming Fixtures: With promising fixtures against Luton (Game week 8), Fulham (Game week 9), and Crystal Palace (Game week 10), all featuring low on the FDR

🔥 Prime of His Career: At 29, Son is at the peak of his footballing prowess. He’s a player who is not only performing but also maturing, making him an even more valuable asset.

Ollie Watkins: A Must Have for Game Week 8 Onwards

Ollie Watkins is not just a forward; he’s a goal-scoring sensation for Aston Villa. Valued at £8.1 million in Fantasy Premier League, Watkins is making a significant impact, and here’s why he deserves a spot in your FPL squad:

🚀 Incredible Form: With an astonishing form of 12.3 Pts/Match, Watkins is on fire. In Gameweek 7, he exploded with a whopping 23 points against Brighton, showcasing his immense potential.

Goal Machine: Watkins has already netted 4 goals this season, and his hattrick against Brighton proves he’s a genuine goal-scoring threat.

🅰️ Assist Provider: He’s not just about goals; Watkins also provides assists. His 2 assists this season highlight his ability to contribute in various ways.

📈 High ICT Index: With an ICT Index score of 68.2, Watkins demonstrates his effectiveness in both creating and scoring goals.

👌 Consistent Bonus Points: Watkins has consistently earned bonus points this season, amassing 6 in total. His well-rounded performances don’t go unnoticed.

🌟 Recent Heroics: In the recent Gameweek 7 clash against Brighton, Watkins delivered a stunning performance with 3 goals and 3 bonus points.

🔥 Upcoming Fixtures: With favourable fixtures against Wolves (Game week 8), West Ham (Game week 9), and Luton (Game week 10), Watkins is poised to continue his goal-scoring spree.

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