Star Trek Strange New Worlds, Season 2 – Episodes 6-10: EgR Series Review

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EgR Score

As the starry voyage of Star Trek Strange New Worlds continues, it’s time to delve into episodes 6 to 10, where the galaxy’s wonders and complexities shine less brightly. Buckle up, for there’s a universe of emotions, choices, and new adventures to explore. This review aims to scrutinize the essence of enjoyment, concentration, enrichment value, and genre fulfilment in this stellar journey.

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EgR Score: 12/20

Hold tight to your communicator badges, because enjoyment levels in this sector are fluctuating. Captain James T. Kirk’s encore, embodied by Paul Wesley, delivers a vibe of nostalgic thrill. However, the casting still raises some quizzical Vulcan eyebrows. The plot trajectory itself dances the tango between exciting warp jumps and head-scratching drifts, leaving us divided between warp-speed joy and eyebrow-raising scepticism. The narrative, though intriguing, at times struggles to grasp a consistent tone, leaving our enjoyment to oscillate between exhilaration and perplexity.


EgR Score: 11/20

Episodes 6 to 9 fails to capture the viewer’s attention with episode 10 being a brilliant foundation for the next season. Episodes flutter between warp and impulse speeds, causing mental turbulence for even the most dedicated fans. Keeping up with the ever-shifting narrative becomes a cosmic challenge, as it weaves between star systems of plotlines with irregular gravitational pulls. The narrative’s sporadic pacing and meandering focus can make it challenging to keep one’s attention anchored to the storyline. Like distant stars flickering in the night sky, maintaining a steady connection with the unfolding events requires an effort that detracts from the seamless immersion we had hoped for. Disappointing after the first 5 episodes


EgR Score: 15/20

Amidst the cosmic turbulence, a beacon of clarity emerges in the form of the final episode. There is definitely great skill and artistry in the making of the latter 5 episodes but a bit too much creative input spoils the enrichment as it seeks the approval of another target market altogether. These latter 5 episodes bridges the gap between different threads of the Star Trek franchise, illuminating the genre’s potential in all its glory. The engaging storytelling, nods to iconic characters, and seamless integration of different eras remind us why we embarked on this voyage in the first place.


EgR Score: 13/20

As we reflect on these episodes in the sci-fi future galaxy, it becomes evident that Strange New Worlds is navigating through the cosmos with both promise and uncertainty. While not every star in the constellation shines as brilliantly as we had hoped, the potential for greatness is undeniable. Our journey continues, and while the path might be occasionally veiled in confusion, the final destination (episode 10) could very well hold the fulfilment we seek. Not every photon torpedo hits the mark though

Star Trek Strange New Worlds: episodes 6 – 10 disappoints on the whole with some glimmers of hope

In a season with just 10 brief episodes, an intriguing pattern emerges. While we’ve yet to have an episode centering on the principal character, we’ve already witnessed two episodes spotlighting an existing character, Captain James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley). Wesley does a fairly good job in his portrayal, though some of us remain cautiously optimistic about the casting choice.

In the cosmic dance of authenticity, Strange New Worlds occasionally slips through the stardust. The interplay between new and familiar characters seeks to evoke the essence of Trek’s DNA. Yet, at times, this interstellar orchestra encounters dissonant notes, creating an interplanetary musical experience that echoes brilliance, ambiguity and unfortunately boredom .

Within this cosmic ensemble, a confluence emerges in the grand finale. Threads interweave seamlessly, breathing life into the multi-generational fabric of Trek lore. The tapestry of timelines, nods to the past, and a sprinkle of narrative stardust form a harmonious crescendo. Yet, amidst this celestial symphony, some elements seem adrift in the cosmic currents.

While creative direction occasionally gazes into uncharted territories, the voyage’s compass still seeks its true north. While a few stars might lose their lustre in the cosmic haze, others shine with an allure that beckons us to continue charting the astral expanse. We beckon the creators to do away with the unnecessary side explorations to galaxies of a musical nature and get on with making what we came for. Ad Astra Per Aspera. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is inevitably due for another season with a cliff hanger waiting to be seen through. We simply can’t wait for the next season..

star trek strange new worlds episodes 6 - 10

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